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If we had one superpower, it would be to fly… to the front of the queue at One Dim Sum. That’s why FAMA DIM SUM and Michelin-starred One Dim Sum have joined forces. With our powers combined, we fight for health, prosperity, the betterment of mankind and, most importantly, express dim sum service. From har gow to char siu bao, we’ve liberated all of our dumplings from arch enemies like MSG and frozen ingredients, making FAMA DIM SUM the fastest, easiest, and most delicious dim sum in Central (don’t fact check us on that).


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Planning an epic night in? Add classy snacks and Champers to the equation with LET’S FLICK N CHILL. Whether you’re streaming Stranger Things or Mindhunter in the background, we’ve got your next NETFLIX smash sesh covered with caviar, crab cakes, lobster rolls, truffle fries and plenty of baller bubbly. Choose the combo that suits your mood – be it a mix-and-match menu for solo flicks, saucy Date Night meals for two, or premium party trays for house parties and movie screenings. And yes, NETFLIX, we are still watching.

今晚有節目嗎?由LET’S FLICK AND CHILL令這個晚上變得不平凡。無論你仲係沉迷Stranger Things定係Mindhunter,我們都為你下一個NETFLIX狂歡夜準備好。包括有魚子醬,蟹餅,龍蝦包,黑松露薯條以及最重要的—酒。 無論係狂歡派對定係燭光晚餐,係同好友一起分享定係要"一個人的快樂"—一切由你決定。

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We could promise you guilt-free burgers, but we’re not going to lie to you – HONESTY BURGER is only as healthy as you want it to be. Offering high-quality ingredients, friendly prices and total transparency, HONESTY BURGER invites you to build your own gourmet burger with your choice of bun, grass-fed beef or Impossible patty, and toppings. Inspired by psychologist Dr Tal Ben-Shahar’s “Hamburger Model”, which argues that the ideal burger can be found at the intersection of delicious junk and tasteless vegetarian food, our signature Happiness Hamburger hits just the right level of indulgence.

你可以嗌一個令你無罪惡感嘅漢堡,我地係絕對唔會欺騙你嘅感情—HONESTY BURGER要有幾健康(或唔健康)都係由你決定。製作出一個專屬於你的漢堡。 由麵包種類,到草飼牛肉或Impossible植物肉以及其他配料。最優質嘅材料配以最貼地嘅價錢,我地保證唔會呃你(聽個名都知啦)。靈感來自心理學家Tal Ben-Shahar博士關於快樂取態的“漢堡模式”,佢話一個完美嘅漢堡存在係美味嘅垃圾食物同淡而無味嘅健康食品嘅正中間。而係嗰一個中間點,你會見到HONESTY BURGER正在向你揮手。

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Designed with your wellbeing in mind, HEALTHY CHINESE specialises in gourmet cuisine that’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Free of MSG and excess oils, our classic Chinese dishes range from poached chicken with scallion oil to stir-fried kale with tomatoes, e-fu noodles with braised beef, aromatic black truffle fried rice with kale, and much more..

HEALTHY CHINESE專門為你的健康而設,提供美味而營養豐富的精美佳餚。 不含味精或多餘油份,經典中帶點新派的中國菜式包括蔥油雞、蕃茄炒羽衣甘藍、牛肉炆伊麵,黑松露羽衣甘藍蛋白炒飯等等。 安康小廚,願你福壽安康。

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Selfless is out. Selfish is in. Join the self love club with SELFISH BOWL. Made with only the freshest seafood and premium toppings, our personalised poke bowls come packed with good-for-you ingredients that’ll put a spring in your step. Build your own vision of poke perfection or trust our Chef’s Choice combos. Either way, our bowls are all about you.

無私係咩呀?食得架?聽我講,做人係要自私一點。同SELFISH BOWL一齊愛自己多一點。採用最新鮮嘅海鮮食材同最優質嘅配料製成,個人化選項令你可以自由配搭出最岩你口味嘅SELFISH BOWL。無論你係相信自己,建構一碗屬於你嘅POKE定係信任我地嘅廚師推介,可以肯定嘅係SELFISH BOWL好食到你唔會想同人分享。想食?自己嗌啦!

Farm to Wok - Logo

Fresh and seasonal, FARM TO WOK puts a personal spin on rice and noodle bowls. Just follow four easy steps: Select a base of rice or noodles, add meat, veggies, then choose a sauce to top it all off. Whether you prefer egg noodles with chicken or fried rice with black truffle, FARM TO WOK delivers goodness in a bowl.

新鮮同時令嘅食材—FARM TO WOK將日常嘅飯同麵變得不一樣。只需要按照四個簡單步驟:選擇一款飯或麵做基調,添合不同嘅肉類、蔬菜,然後選擇一款醬汁,最後閉上眼睛深呼吸。 無論你鐘情雞肉炒麵定係黑松露炒飯,FARM TO WOK都可以俾你度身訂造最岩你口味嘅美味佳餚。唔~你聞唔聞到陣香味呀。

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